We have a very good full-service project management team taking care of the titles from incoming analysis right through cover & interior design, copyediting, composition, graphics and other editorial services, including author management and finally delivering printer files and job close outs to the clients/printers.

Project Management Expertise

We offer full Project Management services, right from start to the completion of project, which includes interaction with Authors, Production Editors, Castoff, supply of print ready files etc.

Copy Editing

Editing forms a primary part in any typesetting concern. Here, both language editing and copy editing are done. We undertake soft/hard copy editing with/without XML tags as required by clients. We accept input files in the form of author's disks or hard copies. Output can be produced as word document or any other format as required.


We specialize in handling complex mathematical composition using TeX/LaTeX/3B2. We offer XML and non-XML flow for typesetting the document as per client’s requirement. We use latest as well the earlier versions of various typesetting software applications such as Indesign, QuarkXPress, Pagemaker, TeX/LaTeX and 3B2.


We use Illustrator, Photoshop and Coreldraw for handling the graphics and design. Our skilled team of graphic artists handles medical, technical, mathematical, and other types of graphics.

The services that we offer include:
  • Illustrations–simple and complex
  • Originals
  • Redraws
  • Scans
  • Conversions
  • Mathematical graphs & chemical structures

Data Conversion

At any given time and for any said business; data is the most important resource. But most of times, the available data may not be in the required format. During such situation, we provide data conversion services and solutions that offer a variety of options to convert data from one format into another.

Regardless of the current state of data, we provide necessary data conversion services to convert given data to a platform-neutral electronic format like XML, SGML, and HTML etc. whichever is suitable for importing into a data repository.

We also have specialized team to convert PDF to e-PDF in which we create book marks, crop pages using pitstop and provide appropriate information in the document properties.

We convert any source to client required formats such as, XML, SGML, HTML, Xtags, TeX, LaTeX, PDF, etc.


We can create an eBook that is compatible to any of the following display formats:

  • Microsoft reader
  • Sony reader
  • ipad
  • Adobe
  • OeB
  • Rocketbook
  • SoftBook
  • iPhone
  • Desktop Computer and other eBook Readers

We offer conversion services to the ePUB format (and many other EBOOK formats) from virtually any medium - WORD, PDF, QUARK, INDESIGN, 3B2, XML, HTML and others